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Sounds Clean

Forensic Audio ServiceForensic audio enhancement services are the scientific process of clarifying audio recordings using non-destructive techniques to preserve speech quality. This is crucial for the trier of fact can make determinations about the events within the recorded evidence. Above all, the goal of forensic enhancement is to better hear dialogue by removing unwanted noise. This scientific process of improving the quality of dialogue is also known as speech enhancement or voice enhancement.

We have state of the art equipment which allows us to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate noise from audio, in order to improve the quality of the recording. It is possible to enhance audio of any kind. Providing professional audio enhancement service with full confidentiality. Check these samples, and hear the difference: dialogue cleaned from heavy traffic noise, dialogue cleaned from heavy air conditioner noise.

Background NoiseMany audio and video recordings have unwanted background noise. This is associated with poorly placed microphones, noise induced during recording, excessive background noise, and low volume speaking. Furthermore, we can enhance audio using simple equalization, however some require filters. We extract, enhance, analyze and restore poorly recorded audio from all sources and formats.
UsesYou may need audio enhancement for a video, you shot in a noisy environment, like the glider flight instructional video above. Or maybe you recorded a conversation with your phone and now need to enhance it to understand certain lost details. Whatever your case might be, as long as you obtained the recording legally, we can help you with the audio issues.
Free EvaluationWe use state of the art audio software specialized for this task, however not everything is possible. We are offering a free evaluation for this reason. Send us the file, the detail, you’d like to be clarified and to what level it needs to be clarified. We will only take your project, if your requests are doable. Email us directly for further information.